Valerio Rocco


Milano, 1978

¿Qué Educación para Marte? | 2012

¿Qué Educación para Marte?, 2012
Courtesy: Collezione Villa Panza, Varese

Produced on the occasion of the XI Bienal de La Habana, ¿Qué Educación para Marte? is the second instalment of an ongoing project initiated by Valerio Rocco Orlando in order to analyse and compare different school systems around the world.

After a series of workshops with a number of students from ISA, Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, ¿Qué Educación para Marte? is the result of a personal and collective reflection on the state of Cuban education, starting from the revolutionary pedagogical writings of the author, politician and national hero José Martí.

As Bruno Latour in his book "Laboratory Life" (1979) analyses the findings of science through the study of the relations between some scientists and their families, Valerio Rocco Orlando investigates international educational models by observing and documenting the relationships between students and teachers in schools that differ both in their structure and in their tradition.

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