Leonora Bisagno &

Bruno Baltzer

Lussemburgo, 1977

il grillo per la testa | 2010

il grillo per la testa, 2010
(il grillo per la testa)
Foto: © studio vesotsky

Il grillo per la testa is a site-specific installation in the neoclassical Villa Romana on the outskirts of Florence. Leonora Bisagno worked on the architectural elements of the building. The isolated, closed, interior balcony above the entrance of the villa, inaccessible for a long time, was re-opened by the artist. Painted in pompei red colour, usually en vogue during Neoclassicism,
Leonora gave new life to this central but unnoticed area of the villa.
Leonora Bisagno’s research was on architecture’s reversibility, its surfaces and decoration: the balcony itself, as an element situated between interior and exterior of an edifice, the grapevine plant, usually covering villas’ façades, as well as to the representation of this ancient decorative element, present in other areas of the villa. The intrusive image, laid on the leaves of the balcony, showing a cricket on a head, recalls the ever existing relationship between nature and representation. Il grillo per la testa (a cricket on the head) is an Italian expression that means to be full of bizarre, strange ideas.

Villa Romana_Firenze

il grillo per la testa, 2010
(il grillo per la testa)

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