Leonora Bisagno &

Bruno Baltzer

Lussemburgo, 1977

crateri | 2012

crateri, 2012

crateri (incontro su terra), 2012
meteorite, lava rock, image extracted from an encyclopaedia, wooden prop, 10 x 10 cm 

crateri (incontro su terra) is an imaginary association born from a study around the works planètes, relief, terres and more precisely on the land and on the terrestrial iron-made composition as well as on the magnetic field of the globe. Two kinds of craters exist on earth: the ones generated from the fall of meteorites (impact of astronomical objects) and the ones originated form the deep of volcanoes (the rupture of the planet’s crust). The approaching of these two minimal fallen and ejected elements evokes the complexity of unnoticeable aspects on earth.

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