Leonora Bisagno &

Bruno Baltzer

Lussemburgo, 1977

bruyère (paesaggi vari) | 2011

bruyère (paesaggi vari), 2011
(bruyre (paesaggi vari))
(ink jet print)
135 x 220 cm

bruyère (paesaggi vari), 2011
ink jet print, series of 33, 135 x 220 cm, poster, pièce unique
Bruyère and terres question and explore legends, which are the necessary instrument to read cartographies. Through the magnification of originally small rectangles, classifying geological and territorial areas on maps, the legend bruyère transforms itself into a map.

bruyère (paesaggi vari), 2011
(bruyre (paesaggi vari))

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