Mexico DF, 1983

Una lezione etilica | 2012

Una lezione etilica, 2012
(A drunken lesson)

The drunken lessons are experimental seminars about learning through slips and shifts. I organized, directed and facilitated the last one on June 29, 2012 as part of the official program of lectures issued within dOCUMENTA (13). I shaped it as a seminar on Truth, looking for new definitions of Truth through the devices of alcohol and circumstance.

The lesson featured a highly qualified lineup of artists, writers, curators and theorists who fueled the discussion. A core group of 30 trained participants selected by application shared their thoughts through many states of mind — from a crystal clear soberness to total inebriation — with Lars Bang Larsen, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Diedrich Diederichsen, Boris Groys, Chus Martinez, Jakob Schillinger, and me.
Together in a comfortable and intimate setting (no stages, no photographers. Six drawing artists were the only ones allowed to document the evening with their drawings), we empirically verified on our bodies and minds the ancient proverb in vino veritas. We drank to each new concept shared and discussed together, progressively becoming more drunk as the search went on. But rather than looking for a universal model, we engaged in parallel thoughts and multiplied visions: in vino veritates. While no one was able to grasp the big picture, each individual still bears witness to a piece of the whole, retransmitting and expanding it in unpredictable ways, beyond the confines of the lesson and the logic of learning itself.

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