Milano, 1975


Foto: Beatrice Catanzaro
Courtesy: of the artist - curated by the Contemporary Art Association Nosadella.Due

During several interludes in India, exposed to the mushrooming city-scape of growing Indian mega-cities, I started to investigate the transi-tory aesthetic of cities under construction.The use of bamboo for scaffolds in building sites drew my attention as it stays almost as a metaphor for a negotiation between tradition and actuality. The use of bamboo for scaffolding purpose, however, is largely spread all over Asia due to its impressive quality of resistance and .exibility, as well as being a fast growing plant and fairly cheap.

By analogy, the regularly distributed holes on the façade of the Alberici Tower, build in the XII century, are what remains visible from the meth-od of construction of the tower. The holes were hosting the wood beams used as scaffold during the erection of the tower.

With installing a bamboo scaffold climbing up onto the façade of the Albericci Tower, I wanted to challenge a possible overlaying of diverse cultural discourses, by overlapping two elements, complementary in their function, the holes and the bamboo scaffolding. 

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