Milano, 1975

Oro di Napoli | 2005

Oro di Napoli, 2005
(Vespa bike and golden foil)
Photographic print on aluminium 65 x 50cm
- Money Honey , Assab One, Milano
Foto: Beatrice Catanzaro
Courtesy: of the artist

In 2004 the “garbage scandal” in Naples reached the national TV coverage. Beside the organic rubbish, the city is constellated with discarded motorcycles (mostly stolen, ripped off the re-usable parts and aban-doned).

I spent several hours covering with golden leaves the discarded remains of a stolen and abandon Vespa bike, in the Spanish quarter in Naples.

5 days after the action, a man living in the neighbourhood (Mr Pasquale), called me to tell me that the gold wrapped scooter had been stolen again …

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