Caretto | Spagna

Torino /Rivoli, 1970

Prove di Rettificazione_rami | 2011

Prove di Rettificazione_rami, 2011
(Rectification trials_branches)
(4 branches)
9,2 m
Courtesy: CAP - Centre D'Arts Plastiques, Saint Fons, France

This is part of a group of works entitled "Rectification Trials" consisting in different experiences of simplification of the form of different natural elements. In this case the “rectification” was tested on four branches gathered on the banks of the Rhône River. Each branch, including its smaller branches, was cut into small pieces and then reassembled and "ordered" along a straight line according to the diametric class, starting from the largest section to the smallest. Each of the four rectified elements, arranged on the wall of the exhibition hall, corresponds to a reassembled branch. This action, that we perceived as very violent, involves a simplification and trivialization of the original branching.

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