Napoli, 1982

We have a business proposal of five hundred thousand ... | 2012

We have a business proposal of five hundred thousand ..., 2012
Foto: E.Velo
Courtesy: The Artist and Raucci Santamaria


The human aspect of financial capitalism is the core of “We Have a business proposal of Twenty Two Million, Five Hun- dred Thousand United State Dollars only for you” - bringing into focus the apparently prohibited and faceless terrain of power, his gestures and rhetoric, focusing on individuals hiding behind the institutional facade. Correale proposes a possible pass key to that linguistic opacity that has always constituted solid shelter of power, both politic and economic. It is in fact clear that the increasingly hazy lexicon used by the political system, is leading the masses to slowly detach from the institutions.

With a speculative approach the artist highlights how, by studying the biographies of individuals making part of the world of politics, a possible alternative interpretation to what could be de ned “semiotics of power” may be found. With a research based on paradox, personal failure, focused on the fragility of the economical system, the artist tries, with a profanatory attitude, to highlight the “banality of evil”. For this purpose the works exhibited aspire to a more than a rational poetic dialogue with the characteristic coldness and apparent sobriety of the institutions. It is the case of the photographic installation The future in their hands (the visible hands) in which the artist, speculating on the impossibility to determine the true nature and shifty personality of some influential representatives of the political/financial world, tries to decipher the “ invisible hand of the market”. In collaboration with a famous Indian fortune-teller the palms of six influential men were read and for each one of them a personality profile was traced, creating an ideal ambiguity between the human aspect and public image of the leaders charge of regulating and handling the present and future of our society.

Words and gestures of those who governs flow through a sharp strategy of communication. Correale sums up the vices and habits with the work We are sorry, an apologetic manifesto directed to the public whose emissaries however remain unclear: a syntactical process with no agent in which each reader nds himself unaware and consenting protagonist. Disillusion towards an indifferent power and politics that is completely integrated in the economical world is also underlined with a series of twenty-five small canvasses which start and nish with two messages. The first is an email for a business proposal, (like the ones arriving in 90% of the web users junk mail), promising easy millionaire businesses; the second instead imitates a governmental financial tactic. In the passage between these extremes the artist highlights the variety of messages and the possible linguistic combinations to decode.

An articulate exhibition path completed by a series of small publications belonging to different anonymous help groups. Notepads testifying a mass conscience unable to absorb the failure of a system that is increasingly detached and uninvolved.

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