Di Pietro

Milano, 1987

Yuppi A.! And that's enough! | 2013

Yuppi A.! And that's enough!, 2013
Foto: PH: Alice Pedroletti

Yuppi! And that’s enough! (2013) project consists in a brassy plate referred to the aesthetics of memorial plaques and matrix or plate? engraving. It is carved with a narrative subject and a coat of arms, precisely a drawing. This last image is produced by the protagonist of the story and emerges from the text as a sort of inside residue.

The subject (defined “objective short story”) is a narrative form previous to the movie, theatrical script etc.. 

In this case, it take on the role of matrix, being able to find again - in this standard - some characteristics like potential application and symmetry.

The reason to use a narrative structure as a focal point of the project, arises from the need to re-organize all the information accumulated during a previous failed planning step, allowing to adjust them inside a new sign system and also defining new context’s coordinates

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7