Curandi Katz

Italy/Canada+U.S.A., 2008

Savigno Big Mountain | 2014

Savigno Big Mountain, 2014
(Savigno Big Mountain)
Foto: Curandi Katz
Courtesy: The artists and Gino Gianuizzi

I find a picture to show you.
It is of myself and Joseph in Big Mountain, fifteen years ago.
I want you to feel what I feel when I look at the picture.

The picture is black and white, Joseph and I are outside, sitting on the dry crackling earth, leaning on an improvised fence.
Dark clouds are hovering above.
We look tired, having worked all morning.
I want to tell you how it felt to be there and to support the Navajo resistence.
To feel the conviction with which I was there.
I tell you about how we herded sheep.
Dug a latrine
Collected dry sage.

What I feel when I look at the picture is conditioned by what I felt when I was there,
which is coniditioned by what I felt for the people to whom we offered our support.
Is it possible for me to translate this feeling to you with words?
Is it possible with words for you to empathize with me for what I felt when there?

With the latrine finished we transfered the wooden outhouse structure over it. The next day sitting in the three wall outhouse with the open wall facing an endless plain of dry sage shrubs I felt in solidarity.




At Gino’s land in the countryside outside of Bologna we build a latrine in the late spring. All summer it will be available for use by the flow of visitors to Gino’s laboratòrio_014. Artists, curators, researchers and students are invited to make use of the latrine for their bodily functions; to sit and look into the Bolognese landscape, to imagine the desert landscape of Big Mountain, the indigenous people struggling to protect their ancestral lands, people around the world struggling for their rights to a life of equality – to sit in solidarity.

At summer’s end, when laboratòrio_014 is finished and the last of the guests have left, the outhouse will be removed and a fruit tree will be planted in the latrine.

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