Roma, Milano, 1988

Firenze, acqua rossa nelle fontane del centro | 2013

Firenze, acqua rossa nelle fontane del centro, 2013
(drowing on paper)
Courtesy: the artist

Firenze, acqua rossa nelle fontane del centro, is inspired by a work by Fabio Mauri included in the 1980’s exhibition umanesimo/Disumanesimo in Florence. For his project, the artist created a work of art concerning the nazi-fascist tragedy by filling with red liquid the rationalist fountain of Palazzina reale in Florence - the place where Hitler’s 1938 visit was to be celebrated. After his work, the red liquid in the Palazzina reale’s fountain started to spread in different fountains in the city.

The project I worked on focuses on the reconstruction of the event, analyzing possible hypothesis on how the liquid moved and seeped through the ground. Part of the work consists in four drawings where cartographies of four neighborhoods in Florence were overlapped with angiographies of cerebral aneurysms. The fifth panel is an exact pencil reproduction of an article describing the event itself without knowing the reason behind it.
Using concepts such as memory and amnesia, the effects both can have on the statute of the document itself are analyzed: the drawing is a filter making the source’s reliability uncertain.

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