Roma, Milano, 1988

Light Meter | 2013

Light Meter, 2013
(photo series)
Courtesy: the artist

The title itself has a double meaning: besides being the photographic light meter, it is also the ligh- ting device with a timed switch, used to light famous works of art up. Devices that have been included in this shooting are some of the light meters that can be found in churches around rome.

beside each shot of a light meter is the name and artist of the work of art, the pictorial cycle or the sculptural group that is lightened up by each meter. Choosing to focus the sight on the devices allows me to give them a certain autonomy and integrate them as volumes in a spatial context strongly defi- ned as the baroque one is. Camo colors and fake marble try to soften their own presence only to show turn into an awkward attempt to find their right spatial location.

The purpose of these devices is to create a privileged field of sight, a dark space where the viewer should look. Viewing times are weighed by how much viewers are willing to spend. This relationship between light and time is what grants a field of sight.

The research I did moves the opposite way, trying to force the presence of what is out of sight, of a suspended blind spot.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7