Pordenone, 1984

Topography of Terror | 2016

Topography of Terror, 2016
(In collaboration with Elisa Caldana)
(Film 2K)
Colour/Sound, 30'
Foto: Credits Peter Zumthor's Studio
Courtesy: Courtesy the artists

Topography of Terror is a film investigating the effects that terrorism practices have on diverse populations and how those practices act upon the collective imaginary of Western nations. The film focuses on ways of constructing information, articulating a reflection on the role and the value of images as tools to perpetuate terror and manipulate our perception of reality. The film is set in the never-realized building for “Topographie des Terrors” Foundation in Berlin, conceived by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. Since it was never realized, this building represents the image of a future-present that never came into being; it thus occupies an ideal place of potential futures and for this reason it has become the platform for a discussion on current and potential future terrors. In the film, the space of the non-existing building is filled with voices from the mind of a single man: a young journalist who becomes gradually affected by secondary traumatic stress caused by an overexposure to brutal videos. Torn between the risk of being a perpetuator of terror – by spreading fear through sensationalism - and moral responsibility, the journalist asks himself: what is the future of the free man in a world where terror is the new normality?

Supported by Hessische Kulturstiftung, Germany in collaboration with Acme Studios, London




developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7