Curandi Katz

Italy/Canada+U.S.A., 2008

The Pacifist Library Actions #1/2/3/4 | 2012-ongoing

The Pacifist Library Actions #1/2/3/4, 2012-ongoing
(The Pacifist Library Actions #1/2/3/4)
(Modified 1970's external frame backpacks, donated pacifist books, straw mat, stool, thermos, mint tea)
Foto: Curandi Katz
Courtesy: The artists and: Flux Factory, NY; Center for Book Arts, NY



The Pacifist Library is an ongoing project acting as framework for a series of diverse interventions.

Action #1 Street performance: It is a nomadic library made from recycled and donated materials that travels around public locations. In the streets of Queens, the metropolitan area of New York, the library of pacifist texts searched for occasions of exchange of ideas with people of very diverse boroughs.

 installation view from Public Trust, Flux Factory, NY

Action #2 Acquisition: The Pacifist Library printed and bound thirty translations of political theorist Gene Sharp’s book From Dictatorship to Democracy. The book outlines a conceptual framework for the non-violent overthrow of dictatorship and is available for download in over thirty languages. It has been used in pro-democracy movements worldwide. Twelve different translations were donated to the Queens Library and distributed to branches that carry books in those languages.

 installation view from Public Trust, Flux Factory, NY

Action #3 Donation campaign: Needed! Wanted! Pacifist Books! Your choice reflects your vision! The collection of the Pacifist Library is made , each book reflecting the vision and interpretation of the theme by the donor. The accumulation of donated books in turn continually redefine the library’s focus. In exchange for a book donation the artists offer a replica of an American draft card to be burned together in a seal of devious complicity. 

“My final stop was a refuge among the masses. Beneath a canopy in the courtyard leaned a bright yellow couch, a low-lying wooden, circular coffee table (seemingly lower to the ground than the couch) and several tiny toadstools (still lower.) I crouched down next to one of the toadstools and was greeted warmly by “The Pacifist Library”. The Pacifist Librarians were nothing short of tender and passionate hosts. They offered me solace, and surprising quiet, in an endless sea of manifestos, tracts, books and zines.”
-Regina Nowselski, Rare Books Digest 

  reading room at New York Art Book Fair MoMA PS1

Action #4 Sarajevo (in collaboration with curator Anna Santomauro): On the verge of the re-opening of the newly restored National Library of Sarajevo, the Pacifist Library diffuses a public poster campaign throughout the city. inviting passers-by to dig through an ephemeral library, the posters instigate the citizenry of Sarajevo to imagine what a public institution could be if it were built for them. 

The project was supported by Movin'up GAI, Canada Council for the Arts, nctm per l'arte, Step BEYOND European Mobility program. Production residencies at Flux Factory, NY and Center for Book Arts, NY.

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