Curandi Katz

Italy/Canada+U.S.A., 2008

A.D.L. (Activities for Daily Living) | 2012

A.D.L. (Activities for Daily Living), 2012
(A.D.L. (Activities for Daily Living))
(Therapeutic intervention for the Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce, Genova, Italy, Gestures (museum entrance, window))
Courtesy: The artists and Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce, Genova



Taking as a starting point the idea that the museum like a person requires love and care in order to exist, the artists propose a series of therapeutic gestures to bring attention to the vital signs of the institution. The exchange of an admission ticket becomes a moment of physical contact and warmth between museum personnel and the public. A window in the exhibition hall invites visitors to bring a breath of fresh air into the space through opening and closing. Exhibition: Cartabianca_Bologna, curated by Anna Santomauro and Silvia Cini


“Through a series of symbolic and minimal gestures they tried to reshape institutional hierarchies and dynamics. This is the synthesis of the temporary dialogue between me and the duo artists’ life and perspective, and witnesses an experience that probably Viktor Misiano would call ‘institutionalization of friendship’.”
-Anna Santomauro, Independent curator 



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