Curandi Katz

Italy/Canada+U.S.A., 2008

Jam Session | 2015

Jam Session, 2015
(Jam Session)
(Performance, percussionist, five shortwave radios)
Courtesy: The artists and Rural in Action (vessel)

Radio jamming is the transmission of radio signals to disrupt communication by creating noise.

It is a common form of censorship in authoritarian states to prevent foreign or subversive shortwave radio broadcasts from reaching listeners. There are many ways to create the disruptive noise, in China one common way is to broadcast drumming sessions on the same frequency of the shortwave broadcast.


In European cities the overcrowding of the radio waves has made it all but impossible to receive shortwave radio broadcasts. If you travel far enough out of the city limits, in the serene countryside, without the disruption of cell phone antennaes and satelite receivers, you can still listen quietly to the vast panorama of shortwave radio broadcasts from around the world.


On a winter day in the Capitanata countryside of Southern Italy Puglia region, a drum circle took place with a percussionist and five shortwave radios tuned to clandestine radio stations.


Special thanks to Anna Santomauro and Andrea Vara from vessel, Aldo Grillo, Angelica Colucci and La Masseria di Sant'Agapito (Fo).


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