Milano, 1980

Chashitsu per Michiko | 2015

Chashitsu per Michiko, 2015

The tea room is designed to frame, without disturbing, the geometric gestures of Michiko, who slowly moves through space, leaving nothing to chance. The four walls of the room can be fully opened during the performance, in order to make room for a larger audience. The intimacy of a place that can hold up to three people becomes suddenly shared. The box becomes a background and the audience is both the viewer and the guest of the performed ritual. The ceremony, from private, becomes public. The simplicity of the design accurately reflects the need to focus on the movements produced in a time which is both stretched and quiet. The few objects arranged on the Tatami wait for the arrival of the teacher. The background acts as a window on an imaginary colorful and natural landscape, which, in this case, is just the blurred image of the exhibition that runs behind the scene.


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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7