Napoli, 1982

Fivehundredfortyeight | 2015

Fivehundredfortyeight, 2015
(C-Print on archival paper,? Framed, 6 Part work)
300 x 150 cm
Courtesy: the Artist and Raucci Santamaria, Napoli/Milan

The artist collected 548 facts deriving them from the data collection activity that is constantly at work in people’s lives. This index reveals an obsessive collection of data and figures drawn from the internet, public archives, newspapers or governmental institutions.
This hypertrophic visual device, deal with the concept of “fatigue", as the concretization of the datas slowely become a sculptural element stressing the notion of how in our “data drive society” the numeric abstractions become autonomous signifier able to normalize processes of subjectivation building inclusive semiotic cages from which is more and more difficult to escape. The editing of this information by the artist is a critical attempt to reveal the paradox between the uselessness of it and the traits that describe us as a mass of consumers constantly monitored and unaware of the consequences of our actions within the bigger picture that is the history of humankind.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7