Napoli, 1982

Boosted | 2014

Boosted, 2014
(installation, Organic print on silk, aluminum)
Variable dimensions
Courtesy: C.sy the Artist and Supportico Lopez, Berlin

It is generally understood that most of the population spends, an average two third of their lives eating and sleeping. Nowadays the advanced capitalist model, demand accelerated life cycles, making these hours of rest, and their unproductiveness, as threatening to its core. If neoliberal economies are tailored to the notion of debt (Schuld in German, also meaning Guilt), it is through the use of this peculiar leverage of “guilt feeling” that most of the global population start to feel indebted to the society if they do not homologate to it. Being unproductive is therefore socially unacceptable. It is within this conception of unproductiveness that we begin to feel as outsid- ers, disengaged from a whole. In breaking the normative relationship between our subjectivity and the community we live in, we are labeled problematic individuals or rebels. Today the refusal to be a part of the performative dance of productiveness growing around us, and advertised thorough every form of communication, means we are either lazy or losers. Big corporations and global military industries are working relentlessly in the eld of study concerning sleep and the biological need for rest, testing technological possibilities of controlling vital rhythms, trying to alter the circadian rhythm, or considering a more performa- tive daytime through the use of food surrogates that could spare us from time consuming activities such as cooking or taking breaks to eat. Such forms of alteration of human relationship to time and the surroundings are, on a smaller scale, already available through drugs and so called superfoods, which promise us high performance in the workplace as well as longer tireless working hours.
The energy drink market’s recent explosion is a part of this mind game between producers and consumers. The most known brands are using powerful tools and targeted messages to attract their users, promising extreme performance, speed, limitlessness or access to one’s hidden abilities. They promise us ight, a full life, and in nite coolness. If the world of advertisement is marked by the common strategy of exploiting consumers’ dreams, often with a dose of sex appeal, then energy drinks promise a password to an entropenerdial wet dream. Superfoods are an apparatus, a sort of window to reach other ac- complishments within the sphere of the self. The installation (Boosted) is based on a broadened advertising imaginary belonging to the world of energy drinks, and the direct asso- ciation with the material dreams that should lead us to accomplishments or glory. This re-branding, manifested on the 10 semitranspa- rent surfaces composing the work, is de ned by an organic overlaying of information, as operative’s system windows, are stacked in such a way as to lead the viewer to perceive the soft alteration of patterns in a more “content aware” aesthetic.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7