Firenze, 1976

The Canned Meal | Delfina Foundation 2015

The Canned Meal, Delfina Foundation 2015

A war dump is being excavated and the remains of a little crowd of images awakes from the rusty surface of the cans - just few tins out of the hundred of millions of the canned rations that where served during 4 years of WW1, to feed the multitude of the troupes,  the human machinery of the first industrial war.

The graphic motifs that once decorated the shining surface of the canned rations are now back on the stage: the banquet of the Materialschlacht (battle of material) is re-enacted, after hundred years.

But these characters are now - in my drawings  - finally playing out of the rules, subverting the military hierarchy and desecrating the war rhetoric.



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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7