Napoli, 1982

The surface of my eye is deeper then the ocean | 2012

The surface of my eye is deeper then the ocean, 2012
(anamorphic HD video, sound)
Foto: video still
Courtesy: the artist

Correale decided to spend 90% of a project’s production budget on buying roughly 600 scratch-off tickets, distributed then to seven different people, all randomly selected from local Lotto shops in Naples. The artist invited them to be part of the project by asking to sign a contract of redistribution of all the profits between them and the rest of the staff (technicians, production assistants, studio owners, etc). After four hours of scratching the win brought to every participant around 30 euros. Correale subsequently realized the work Pareto Optimality with the losing lottery tickets. The thin silver layer present on every scratched lottery ticket can be seen as the separation between the ‘imperfect’ present and the possibility for a ‘perfect’ future, thus it must be obsessively, erased. 

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7