Napoli, 1982

The Game | 2013-2014

The Game, 2013-2014
(collaborative project, Video full HD + sound, eng subtitles)
Foto: video still
Courtesy: the Artist and Fondazione Ermanno Casoli

Being precarious means getting something through pra- yer (from Lat. Precàrious d Prèx - preghiere (V prece) obtain upon prayer), a kind of concession granted on cre- dit, which establishes a relationship that is not only tempo- rary, but also unstable and fragile, where the indebted par- ty cannot exercise with adequate force that which should be an unalienable right. Being precarious is a bit like being adrift in perpetual se- arch for security, which often comes only temporarily. The respective state of mind involves the entire a ective sphe- re of the mind. Precarious individuals seek stability that is often achieved only temporarily through sharing with other individuals in similar conditions.

The term precarious is used especially to define employment contracts. This is but one of the many aspects of an increasingly widespread unstable condition: the state of one’s residence can be precarious, a relationship, the ability to obtain health care, the state of citizenship, etc. All such conditions e ect and are e ected by not only economic instability, but a larger condition of subalternity. Preca- riousness is dictated by the scarcity of rights appointed to those more subjugated, fragile individuals.

The question: “How to lead a ‘good life’ in this state of pre- carity?” This is a central theme of the project THE GAME, a complex journey that has involved employees from three different factories in the Sienese territory, enterprises di efferent in structure and type of production but united by the same type of quandary, which simply becomes uncertainty for those who spend their time and their lives working there.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7