Milano, 1971

Pappacano | 2012

Pappacano, 2012
(guache, watercolor)
cm 35 x 50
Foto: Andrea Rossetti
Courtesy: artist

Scherzi della natura [freak of nature], is a series of water colors,sculptures, acrylics on wood. The pictorial style I used for the series was highly illustrative; since the main characters were exotic hybridized birds that had been cross-bred with one another (toucan, flamingo and parrot), I thought that a realistic depiction would confer a certain scientific allure to these «monsters». Through this series I came to understand that many people view, parrots, toucans and flamingos as the same bird; but this common «mistake» I believe is not due to ignorance but to the stereotypical idea we have on objects that come from distant places: we expect an exotic animal to have color and eccentricity, this is the stereotype, it is highly likely that we could quite easily find ourselves in front of a picture of a parrot with a very long orange beak and think it is a toucan; it’s a bit like when you see something from the corner of your eye, your brain compensates in its own fashion that which the eye can’t see but you thought you saw.

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