Beirut, 1977

Readily Reversible | 2012

Readily Reversible, 2012

The project is based on a research around construction and labor in Beirut. The urban reconstruction is a proliferating process reshaping the urban landscape, with wide political implications in the region. During several months, I visited skyscrapers under construction, asking the labourers to provide me with a picture taken from the roof-tops. The relationship with altitude was at the chore of the performance Readily Reversible. I took my blanket and my pillow and I slept at night in a wire basket hanging from a crane at the 15th floor height of a building under construction. The expression ‘readily reversible’ comes from the definition of sleep as ‘readily reversible state of reduced responsiveness to, and interaction with, the environment’.


The idea of a ‘readily reversible state’ may be associated with attitudes of passing mental ‘absence’, an escape hatch. My refuge during the performance was the wire basket belonging to the construction site, which resembles a cage, but becomes a ‘bolt-hole’ as well. The public was reaching the roof-top by the goods-lift or by the stairs, accompanied by the workers along the semi-dark environment.

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