Beirut, 1977

As the crow flies |

As the crow flies,
(Site-specific installation)

As the crow flies is a sound installation. Three loudspeakers affixed to the roof of an abandoned frontier post, broadcast voice announcements from Luxembourg’s airport. Different ways of crossing borders coexist in the installation. A setting of frontiers is the act of creating an ‘elsewhere’ of which the frontier posts are the physical mark. By contrast, in the air travel the link with the passage is abstract. The passing through the frontiers changed with the time according to the political settings. The old posts are simple vestiges today. The old fashion loudspeakers remind ways of traveling which are falling into disuse. The airport is a conventional site replacing the frontier. Borders move from the physical space to the symbolic one. From the visible to the invisible.


The work explores both the private and the public dimensions of travelling and crossing borders. Its presence within the wild site evokes the pilgrim’s journey by foot. On the other hand, the electronic recordings refer to a contemporary and impersonal way of travelling. The echoes of far destinations allude to the freedom to be brought somewhere else by the imagination, maybe to several places at the same time.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7