Untitled (lights) | 2009

Untitled (lights), 2009

In 2007 I became fascinated by Hessdalen Phenomenon, a luminous natural phenomenon of still unknown origins appearing in different places in the world. I followed it in different, discontinuous ways which during the years have produced objects, actions, still and moving images. This fluid container with its uncertain boundaries, becomes itself a shape for something unformalizable.



This is a ten minutes video about lights and humidity.

Untitled (lights), 2009

Installation view of the group show Hotel Meridian, curated by Mahony, river barge Spaceman Spiff, London

Untitled (lights), 2009
solar radiometer 8 x 13,5 cm on photographic print 12,5 x 17 cm

In September 2008 I followed a scientific expedition to the Hessdalen valley. I participated to the nocturnal monitoring sessions and, the last night, I sighted the phenomena and I managed to document it with a photograph. This is how I showed the picture in 2009.

Untitled (lights), 2009
(Gabicce Mare)
(lambda print)
70,5 x 55 cm

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