Milano, 1965

Potlatch 10.1 / I am that which must ever surpass itself | 2003-2005

Potlatch 10.1 / I am that which must ever surpass itself, 2003-2005
(Hair, Teflon)
cm 13,5 x 6 x 6
Helmhaus, Zürich
Courtesy: Collezione Di Gropello, Roma
Nel maggio 2003, dopo numerosi anni di crescita ininterrotta, Luca mi ha tagliato i capelli. Durante l'anno precedente alla mostra "Body Proxy", Luca ha arrotolato migliaia di capelli con l'intento di ottenere un unico filo di lunghezza superiore al chilometro.

In May 2003, after several years of uninterrupted growth, Luca cut his hair. During the year preceding the exhibition "Body Proxy", he knotted together thousands of hair with the intention of achieving a single strand over a hundred kilometers long. The expansion of the body in space is concentrated in an object that embodies the real experience of self-surpassing; it radiates the will to power into the surrounding space. Threateningly, this process could be continued with the hair that has grown in the meantime. The title is taken from chapter XXXIV, “self-surpassing,” of Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus spoke Zarathustra (1885).
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