Piacenza, 1971

Other than a thing | 2012

Other than a thing, 2012
(Altro da cose.)
(different objets, black rope)
Foto: P.Terzi

Other than a thing
Musei Civici, Modena, 14-15-16 September 2012

Other than a thing, realized at the Civic Museum on the occasion of Philosophy Festival dedicated to "Things", is a project in which the audience itself has become an active part in creating the work, bringing "things" related to their lives. The artist call was: "Bring something that you know you can give up and tell us about your relationship with it. The maximum size is what you can hold in your hand or arm." 
During the three days of festival Claudia Losi, aided by a group of students, took the things brought by the public and one by one wrapped them in black thread until they disappeared in black "spheres" of various dimensions.

Altro da cose.
© Musei Civici di Modena and the artist.
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