Interstellar Static | 2010

Interstellar Static, 2010
(10 ink-jet prints on archival paper)
50 cm x 60 cm
Foto: Thomas Geffrier
Courtesy: Davide Bertocchi & Samon Takahashi

Interstellar Static is a collaboration project with Paris based artist Samon Takahashi, consisting of an exhibition conceived to last the fraction of a second of a photo shot. The final result its a series of 10 images, and each shot is a possible view of this phantom exhibition. For each image the artists re-combined some of their works following a metaphysycal random dialogue between each of them, or sometimes in a kind of exoteric combination. The shooting took place sometimes in 2010 (in the span of 24 hours) in the stu- dio of French artist Fabrice Hyber... 

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7