Bounty | 2010-ongoing

Bounty, 2010-ongoing
(Workshops, environmental installations, public events)
Courtesy: GAMeC, Bergamo; CNAC Le magasin, Grenoble;

The work consists of a 1:1 scale reconstruction of the 18th century British naval vessel, HMS Bounty, starting from its model kit.

The project travels, evolving as it connects to new people and places each time the work takes shape. Through workshops open to the public involving schools and inhabitants of the area, parts of the ship are recreated by using waste materials. These workshops transform the project space into a naval arsenal sui generis for a few weeks.

The project ends every time with a party where the parts of the vessel are revealed to the public. The sails are hoisted, the prow “launched” with an opening concert, the flag left to unfurl in the wind, the helmsman turns the wheel...


2010 - Bounty (sails)

       Fondazione Pomodoro, Milan

       Municipal kindergarten, Milan

       Primary School Oberdan and G.A. Porzi, Milan

       Middle school Italo Calvino, Milan


2010 - Bounty (sails)

       CNAC, Le Magasin, Grenoble

       Primary Schools, Grenoble


2011 - Bounty (prow)

       GAMeC, Bergamo

       A.B.F. Bergamo and Curno


2011 - Bounty (pennant)

       Let’s Circus, 

       Piccola scuola di circo, Milan


2012 - Bounty (helm wheel and cannon)

       Castello di Rivoli, Rivoli


Bounty, 2010-ongoing

Bounty, 2010-ongoing

Bounty, 2010-ongoing

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