Milano, 1979

Fontana Angelica | 2010

Fontana Angelica, 2010
(Brass tubes, Electric timer, Water.)
340 x 240 x 90 cm
Foto: Jacopo Menzani
Courtesy: The Artist

Fontana Angelica was presented at “Low Deco”, a show hosted at Villa Necchi Campiglio’s gardens in Milan. Two sculptures, made from brass tubes, are modeled - in reduced scale - after the internal hydraulic structure of a couple of fountains designed by Italian architect Portaluppi. Originally designed for the urban design public competition in Solferino’ Square, Turin, 1920, Portaluppi never saw them realized. A few sporadic sprays of water give life to the objects that otherwise might appear as nothing other than an attempt to compensate history through simulation. An electric timer controls their functioning, creating conversations between the fountains, which take their cue from the entertainment forms of the water games of the Mannerism gardens.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7