Milano, 1979

Pancia - Untitled (Bar Doria) | 2012

Pancia - Untitled (Bar Doria), 2012
(Pancia - Brass, bronze, alluminum, copper - Untitled (Bar Doria) Oak wood, pinerose wood, poplar, high performance plaster, variable dimensions)
Pancia 30 x 21 cm - Untitled (Bar Doria) Variable dimensions.
Courtesy: The Artist and Limoncello, London

A series of rectangular metallic and shiny surfaces are modified through the inclusion of a curved line that reproduces the silhouette of the artist’s belly in different moments of the last year. The line modifies the proportionate space of the rectangle, becoming a frame, and making the rectangle record the presence of the artist in the space.



The surface of a traditional oak wooden floor is inlaid with white geometrical forms of metallic high performance plaster. “Untitled” is the result of an accidental fall and consequent destruction of an art-piece “Bar Doria”, during a house move. The disposition of the elements on the wooden surface reproduces the fragments originated by the explosion of the piece, which are then seemingly absorbed and dissolved in the floor. “Bar Doria” consisted of a partial neon sign taken from a bar in Milan. The piece resulted in a group of very simple geometrical neon elements. The figures were lit by an electronic timer programmed in accordance to the bar’s opening and closing times. At the time of it’s destruction the piece had never been shown.


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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7