Milano, 1970

Bunker Mentality. Lanscape Legacy | 2012

Bunker Mentality. Lanscape Legacy, 2012
(Wax, concrete, neon,)
cm. 1500 x 30 x 1200
Foto: Anila Rubiku
Courtesy: Anila Rubiku

The First Kyiv International Biennale ARSENALE 2012

Curator David Elliott


In her new work made especially for the Biennale, Albanian artist Anila Rubiku Aestheticizes the all-pervasive legacy of ex-President Enver Hoxha’s system of national defence by making it into an installation. Symbols of resistance against a non-existent enemy, Bunker Mentality/ Landscape Legacy elaborates the paranoid form of the concrete bunker (about  750,000 ruins still litter the country) in a “Celebration” of the economic stagnation caused by the same mentality in which Albania is still mired. Difficult to demolish and expensive to remove, they have even become a kind of kitsch national emblem in the form of souvenirs and ash trays. In some cases they have actually been transformed into kiosks, store rooms, cafes, discos – even chapel. Yet in spite of their ostensible normalisation these structures still mask a largely unknown story of violence and sorrow.


David Elliott


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