Kromeriz, 1983

Capping, detail 3 | 2014

Capping, detail 3, 2014
(13 wood panels, white plasticine, wood construction)

Due to the malleable layer that covers it, this " sculpture" offers minimal interaction with the public, that becoming an active part - can act directly on the work and shaping that the external form. The work not only reveals the interest in relational practices, but is also a source of inspiration in the urban fabric of Rome, the result of multiple interventions and a continuous superimposition of architectural styles, stories.The public stands in front of Capping, intended as a seismograph capable of recording the effects on visitors and their reactions, their mark - literally painting. The title itself is a further reference to the idea of continuous overlap: Capping is in fact a term borrowed from the lexicon of graffiti writing in which you define the practice of action to delete or cover graffiti with another sign. At the conclusion of the exhibition panels will be removed from the structure, becoming 13 individual canvases, arising from the same source, that each will live your own path.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7