Kromeriz, 1983

Naum | 2014

Naum, 2014
(water pumps, plaster, clay, ceramic, latex, styrofoam, paraffin), photographic print, variable dimensions)
variable dimensions
Courtesy: co2 gallery

The continuous cycle of fluids within the fountains, interferes with the material that constitutes each work, giving rise to results different in form but similar in their transforming potential.
Corrosion and apparent manufacturing defects make u n a living and self-sufficient system creating a crumbled human body. A concert for fountains, whose ending will be composed of matter transformed, residues and encrustation able to evoke a fake lake. Istalazione composta da 6 elementi: singolo elemento
The project becomes a device that changes over time and that cooperates with the time, placing each work in the position of a living being, susceptible to changes due to the passage of time and to mutations that come from initial, subsequent and final environment conditions.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

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