Milano, 1978

The girl with the blanket | 2008 EV

The girl with the blanket, 2008 EV
(The girl with the blanket)
Foto: K. Weise
Courtesy: installation view at Screen Space, Melbourne, 2015





In August 2008 Chiara Fumai spent 31 days of imprisonment in Cell A1C1 of the Oostereiland Penitentiary of Hoorn.


During her journey in Oostereiland the artist kept a secret correspondence with a mysterious man and produced some of her most important pieces, including a complex escape plan that would let her pass through the surveillance system in less than one hour. For the occasion Fumai spent most of her time sewing a 12 metre long escape rope, using fabric from the prison’s curtains and clothes from her wardrobe, but at one point, the development of the project left her with nothing to wear besides a brown Indian blanket provided by her friend Fred Martin.


Before escaping the prison on August the 30th the artist wrote a “Love Poem” about female sexuality during imprisonment, and left it in the toilet of Cell A1C1, where it still remains, as part of the Local Artistic Patrimony and viewable under appointment.

The people of Hoorn will always remember her as ‘the girl with the blanket’.






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