Milano, 1978

The Return of the Invisible Woman | 2014 EV

The Return of the Invisible Woman, 2014 EV
(The Return of the Invisible Woman)
(embroidery and collage on Sacher Masoch's 'Venus in Furs', walldrawing)
variable dimensions, 10 collages x 47.5x39cm
Foto: C. Eeftinck Schattenkerk
Courtesy: view of the installation at De Appel, Amsterdam, 2014


The Return of the Invisible Woman (also known as the wonderful journeys of Vito A. in the Land of Whip)
 is a surreal report of what happened during the last performance by Vito Acconci (Ballroom, Florence1973), through the point of view of a member of the audience: an unknown woman who, in fact, interrupted the show.

Inspired by the dark humor of the BDSM* literature Fumai narrates her point of view as if the self-lesionism of the 70s extreme body art would have driven an audience member to desire a Mistress/Servant relationship with the performer.

On a copy of Venus in Furs the artist has embroidered the dialogues between Acconci and his Dominatrix and recreated the typical settings of a BDSM* tale, such as Story of O by P. Reage. The Return of... is indeed a brainy love declaration to the most extreme aspects of Acconci's performance art.

(* BDSM means Bondage, Discipline & Sadomasochism)










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