Milano, 1978

Precautions against fanatics (performance lecture, Whitechapel) | 2014 EV

Precautions against fanatics (performance lecture, Whitechapel), 2014 EV
approx. 30'
Courtesy: Whitechapel gallery, London

These experiments are, in some respects, a hazardous venture; but then, we always have to accept hazards whenever we venture onto paths as yet undiscovered and untrodden, and the adventurous spirit of the explorer is coupled with deep humility before new truths and realisations. Our human existence is orientated one-sidedly along limited, measurable and calculable lines. The evidence of voices of mysterious origin challenges us to alter our thinking habits.

Today, however, when more or less adequate technical devices are at our disposal, it is possible to test the facts by experiment and to lift them out of the realm of the fantastic. Tape-recorder, radio and microphone give us facts in an entirely impersonal way and their objectivity cannot be challenged.

The present investigation is based on acoustics and leads to empirically provable reality with a factual background that can open new perspectives for the study of psychology. We are trying to gain some insight into this as yet unknown reality, and such insight not only changes our ideas and gives new direction to the activities of our psyche, but points to undreamed-of powers reigning within us and over usIt certainly sounds fantastic to assert that we have made contact with spirit-beings, i.e. through tape recordings...

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