Milano, 1978

Criminal Woman | 2011- 2013 EV

Criminal Woman, 2011- 2013 EV
(mixed media, one channel video, b/w, sound, Italian with Eng. subtitles)
variable dimensions, video 10':48
Courtesy: view of the installation at Bozar, Brussels


‘La donna delinquente’ is a misogynistic-positivist book by Cesare Lombroso published in 1893, when the criminologist was following the séances of the illiterate medium Eusapia Palladino, in Italy and in Europe. Using original texts of the Psychic Research commission, Chiara Fumai invites us to attend a lecture by the ghosts of Lombroso and other positivist scientists who studied Eusapia, the most famous psychic of the XIX century. Her voices travel through time in order to reconstruct an impossible performance documentation and to quibble about the authenticity of Eusapia's phenomena, spirits and images, preconceptions, credulity and the ongoing rivalry between man and woman.





Criminal Woman portrays a XIX century medium as a performance artist, re-enacing the voices and the feelings of those who attended her shows. In 2015 another video work was dedicated to Eusapia, The Book of Evil Spirits, where the artist used Eusapia's character to channel the story of her own performances.




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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7