Milano, 1978

Chiara Fumai presents Nico Fumai (performance, Overgarden) | 2013 EV

Chiara Fumai presents Nico Fumai (performance, Overgarden), 2013 EV
approx. 50'
Courtesy: Overgaden. Institut for Samtidskunst, Copenhagen

In times of re-discovery of the great Italo Disco phenomenon (80s Electronic music made in Italy), whose musical innovations were often performed through the use of lip synched fake singers, Chiara Fumai traces its historical roots. Inspired by the Italian song-writing tradition, the artist introduces the audience to the musical career of the legendary Southern Italian singer and composer Nico Fumai (her father), supreme pioneer of the New Romantic Dance movement and author of the rarest records of Italian love song.

Comparing Nico Fumai’s music production to the work of Giorgio Moroder and Claudio Simonetti (revered Italo disco pioneers), Chiara presents her point of view on the genealogy of the controversial music phenomenon, contextualising it within the birth of the first Berlusconi television channels and focusing her critique on the complex relation between the artist and the audience in the Age of Spectacle. During the lecture, the career of the extraordinary singer is accompanied by the listening of his most rare and significant records. In a world which really is topsy-turvy, the true is a moment of the false.



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