Torre Santa Susanna, 1978

Cabin around studio around pillar | 2014

Cabin around studio around pillar, 2014
(Metal, performance)
cm 532x395x4
Foto: Roberto Ruiz
Courtesy: NoguerasBlanchard, Madrid/Barcellona

Around 1912, Ludwig Wittgenstein buys a piece of land overlooking a fjord near the village of Skjolden in Norway, where he builds a wooden hut into which he retires for about a year, to meditate and write; in this place, he starts to give shape to the ideas that would lead to his writing the Tractatus.

Wittgenstein would come back to the Norwegian hut several times, to isolate himself from the world and think. Wittgenstein’s hut was 8 meters long by 7 meters wide, with a perimeter of 30 meters. A metal bar 30 meters long, with a 2x2 cm square section, is bent into a 5.32 by 3.95 meters rectangle, corresponding to the perimeter of my study.

The rectangle is placed around the central pillar of the gallery. Wittgenstein’s hut then encompasses the rectangle, which in turn is surrounded by the gallery, that has its core/heart in the central pillar.

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