Milano, 1980

welcome | 2015

welcome, 2015
(Pears, door-mat)
misura ambiente
Courtesy: Galleria Massimo De Carlo, Milano

welcome, 2015
cm 180 x 150, cm 100 x 20 x 150
Assab one 2004, Ex GEA, Milano
Foto: G. Basilico

welcome, 2015
cm 220 x 100 x 15
Spencer Brownstone gallery, New York

welcome, 2015
4 x 2 mt

WELCOME, welcomes the public to the show. It is at once a point of view, a decorated entrance and a celebration of movement in space. WELCOME is concerned with how bodies perform the function of a physical space through how they use and inhabit that space, revealing how a space becomes a place, only in the moment in which a ritual is performed. Physically, the threshold itself can be perceived initially as a solid, geometric shape, made of tangible shiny surfaces, that dissolve into thousands of individual threads the instant the visitor crosses through. The shape of the work is drawn from the form of a curtain, relating to the collective memory of old grocery shops, Southern Italy ground floor interiors and the background of a stage show. The visitor, crossing the entrance could instantly reconstruct a scenario made of sudden revelations, food smells, domestic interiors and the expectation for a show that is about to begin.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

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