Milano, 2003

Wishes of a G | 2014

Wishes of a G, 2014
Courtesy: the artists

Wishes of a G is an obsessive portrait of the Wishing Well of Chinatown, Los Angeles. This monument is called “Seven Star Caverns” — referring to Seven Star mountains, in China, where, following the local tradition, the immortals find their home.

The American artist Mike Kelley considered Chinatown’s Wishing Well as the only public art intervention in Los Angeles and did a piece out of it in 1999: Framed and Frame.

Wishes of a G, built on still shots of the Wishing Well using an analog Hi8 camera, is a personal tribute to Mike Kelley, passed away in 2012 — and at the same time an analysis of a portion of Los Angeles. An ethereal memorial, melted into the grain of the moving images.

The soundtrack is composed by a synth line realized with a specific pre-set, defined ‘west coast whistle’ (or ‘g-funk synth’, ‘ funky worm’, ‘gangsta whine’, ‘ gangsta lead’); a sound that distinguished many hip hop songs produced in the West Coast from the end of the 80s through the 90s.

In Wishes of a G, the Californian landscape is a reverberation of memories, a high frequencies sound which literally crawled out of the cars running through the city, the vibrant image of a surreal wishing well.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7