Milano, 2003

Boomeria | 2011

Boomeria, 2011
Courtesy: the artists

Boomeria is a project that has gone through various stages of development since 2009. 

It grew out of an in-depth research project investigating medieval castles in the United States, which led to the group’s encounter with Mr Preston Q. Boomer, a truly unusual figure. Boomer is a science teacher who lives in the Bonny Doon woods near Santa Cruz, California. Since the mid-‘50s, he has devoted his life to building a 100-square-meter castle called Boomeria, where full-fledged battles are staged with water cannons. The castle, entirely designed in medieval style with the help of his sons and students, is a piece of fantasy architecture made up of mazes, underground tunnels, and defense and alarm mechanisms.

This place and world have inspired two Invernomuto video projects. The first, realized in 2009, is based on material from Mr Boomer’s personal archive of Super-8 films: essentially pseudo B-movies that he made with his students (the footage was assembled and then shown inside a conical display case made of burnt wood, accompanied by a sound installation playing Boom’s alarms and sirens). The second video with the same title, made in 2011, is an abstract documentary shot in 16mm inside the castle, as the result of a physical, and in some ways, sensorial encounter with Boom and his world. 

In addition to these two videos, Invernomuto also made Boomeria-Neuschwanstein — the result of an iconographic study compiling images from the Boomeria archive — and later, Boomeria-Castlevania, a two-dimensional work that shows the structure (without characters) of all levels of the videogame Castlevania, in its first 1986 version for the 8-bit Nintendo console.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

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