Milano, 2003

Holedigger - Riduzione di fango | 2009

Holedigger - Riduzione di fango, 2009
Courtesy: the artists and Il Giardino dei Lauri

Performance 2009, in collaboration with Mudboy;
production: Art At Work.

Holedigger is the title both of an installation and of the performance that inspired it, created in collaboration with the American musician Mudboy. The installation consists in a wooden structure and a sort of stage enclosed by a cement fence (which happens to be a replica of the fencing used by Invernomuto as part of the work Thunderstruck). Holedigger is placed over a seven-meter-deep tank, previously used for harvesting grapes. The action consists in a live musical performance by Mudboy lasting approximately twenty minutes, which culminates with a trapdoor suddenly opening in the stage, so that he plunges into the tank below. The musician then emerges from the side of the structure entirely covered in green slime (contained in the tank) and flees through the audience. Holedigger is constructed as a sort of temporary monument focused on the transformation and reversibility that characterize shifts in imaginary. On the other hand, more prosaically, Invernomuto sees Holedigger as “an homage to digging holes in the garden. The pensive celebration of a fall, where what matters is neither the fall, nor the landing. But rather, the baptism of mud”.

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