Milano, 2003

Black Cross Bowl | 2007

Black Cross Bowl, 2007

Black Cross Bowl is a single-channel video constructed out of what seems to be a sequence of black and white photographs, with a male voice speaking off-screen, over the phone. The photos are actually fixed shots and very brief camera movements showing details of a cement space, which as they gradually pull back, reveals itself to be a cross between a skatepark and a funerary monument, with a big black crucifix towering over it. The surrounding area, peppered with the usual tags and graffiti, is deserted, in striking contrast to what we hear in the voiceover: though describing it as site/monument dedicated to his father and grandfather, the speaker points out that a year later, it has become a social hub full of life. The voice of Pontus Alv, the Swedish skater who created this skatepark on the outskirts of Basel, guides us through a miniature documentary that brings together ritual, subculture, the function of public space, and the potential for bearing witness that lies in every contemporary monument.

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

coded by lettera7