Piacenza, 1971

Poli Arctici Constitutio | 2016

Poli Arctici Constitutio, 2016
(Silk embroidery on wool)
diameter 2,5 m
Foto: Andrea Rossetti
Courtesy: Collezione Maramotti

How do I imagine being there?

A project dedicated to memory, its functioning mechanisms transforming a real experience where the journey and the surrounding landscape - becoming both the incipit, the starting point, and the final destination - are capable of triggering synaesthetic explorations, visual associations, pathways at time leading to unforeseeable and unexpected destination ever for the artist. A the same time, however, the project focusses on a possible future, on the idea of bravely moving beyond towards new destinations which from being real places turn into places of the mind.

Collezione Maramotti

8 May - 16 October 2016

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developed by Viafarini
in collaboration with NABA

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